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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for the time and energy you are about to expend. Don't push yourself too much, I am easy to please and am grateful you are taking your time to create something for me. I am sure it will be wonderful.

My fandoms this year are easy to pick up, so if we match on something you decide you're not feeling after all, please consider one of my other options! The fandoms for this year are ones that have truly delighted me. Before that, my likes and dislikes:

Likes: Dialogue, comedy, worldbuilding, crossovers, weird AUs, banter, dark!fic, horror, action. Funny shit or spooky shit, or spooky funny shit or just plain enjoyable reads. If you want to make something over the top funny, go for it! If you want to take a dark take on a lighthearted/comedic canon, please do! I really love strong characterization in either direction.

: Self-harm depictions are triggering to me, although I'm fine with other portrayals of violence/horror. I also don't care for explicit porn or smut, although shippy stuff is more than appreciated.


Kroll Show - PubLIZity: It's based off their names! I love this Kroll Show sketch absolutely beyond belief. The tone of it is an absolutely pitch-perfect parody of reality television. Jenny Slate is hilarious. I enjoy it interweaving with the other Kroll Show sketches too, but the focus on PubLIZity is what I'm really looking for. Either a day in the life of Cassandra (poor, poor Cassandra) or just an ordinary, non-offensive situation taken to its comedic extremes by Liz and Liz, any story taking place in their world is exactly what I'm looking for.

Never seen it? Check out this clip for a taste:

Papa's Burgeria: Flipline studios has made a ton of these procedural strategy games, starting with Papa's Pizzeria. The sequel, Papa's Burgeria, is the first one I played and it's a lot more polished. Really, feel free to incorporate one of the other restaurants, be it Taco Mia, Pancakeria, Hot Doggeria, etc. There's a large cast of regular customers that you could include in the back story. Questions you could answer: why does Papa Louie open so many restaurants without staffing them properly? Is there a dark secret involved with him tricking young people into being laborers at his establishments? Who knows?

Dog of Wisdom: OH MY GOD THIS VIDEO. I love everything about this video. You could write anything about this video and I would LOVE it. Explain the linguistic differences between The Dog and The Dog of Wisdom! How did The Dog end up in his tiny plane? Why does he think the sky is his? Does The Dog of Wisdom know any other amazing knock-knock jokes? The possibilities are endless!

Even if you have no plan on ever writing this, ever, please watch this video anyway and improve your life:

So, that's it, author. If you want to know more about me and the way I work and the things I like, check out my twitter or my tumblr. I eagerly await reveals and I hope you do too!

Shaunna :D
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 Dear Yuletide Writer.

Let's get down to it:

Likes: Comedy! Dialogue! Shippy-ness is okay, but I really love gen, especially during yuletide. I also like dark!fic, AUs, epistolary fics, and fast paced plots. I like short and long fics equally, so don't worry about having written too much or too little. 

Dislikes: Depictions of self-harm are triggering to me. Please do not include. Also I don't really care for explicit smut or porn. Dark fic including horror and violence is okay, as long as it avoids these things

Now, my requests:

The Blacklist - I binge watched The Blacklist earlier this year, and my two favorite things about it are James Spader's voice and Dembe. What is a day in the life of Dembe like? What are his misadventures as he travels along with Red? What is their backstory? Bonus points if you include Mr. Kaplan.  Another thing I really like in the show is Lizzie's ruthlessness. She's not afraid to stab a guy in the neck or poison some tea to get shit done. This isn't a very common trait for a lot of female characters and I LOVE it. While for yuletide I'm requesting Dembe only, feel free to work in other characters as you see fit.

Whomp! - This might be my third or fourth time asking for this. I've never received it, and I probably never will. But if by some miracle of miracles we matched on this, YOU ARE LITERALLY THE GREATEST ALREADY. I would love some version of the comics absurdity worked into a fanfic-length escapade. Heck, Ronnie's dad is Santa so it's even seasonally appropriate! I pretty much am a female version of Ronnie, right down to the pathological love of chicken nuggets. So anything written for Whomp would be beyond spectacular.

Happy Endings - HAPPY ENDINGS YOU WERE GONE TOO SOON. I loved Happy Endings so much, and am bummed it never got a proper finale. I wonder what an ending to that show would have looked like. I have no preference in regards to Alex/Dave or Penny/Dave, so whichever (or neither) you wanted to include is fine. Mostly, I love Penny and Max's friendship because it mirrors the friendship of me and my IRL best friend. I also love the way the dialogue in this show plays out. The very particular vocal mannerisms and the banter of close, long-term friends is absolutely perfect to me.

So that about sums it up. I am not great at writing long, overly detailed letters and even shittier at coming up with prompts. However, I hope something in here sparked your interest. If you want to know more, feel free to stalk me on twitter or tumblr. I'm ridiculously easy to please, so even if you write something really off the wall I'll still really like it. Have a great yuletide, writer! I look forward to reading whatever you write!

Shaunna :)

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Firstly, thanks for deciding to write for me! I'm really easy to please and get super excited about any and all gifts I'm kind of shit at thinking up prompts, but hopefully you'll like my letter anyway. I'll try my best. This year my canons are as follows:

Corner Gas: While I am American, my boss turned me onto this Canadian sitcom earlier this year and I LOVE IT. I love the small town vibe, the low key, clever, witty humor, and the utter Canadian-ness of it all. Some of the scenery is really breathaking, and the easygoing plots are fantastic.  And there is a serious lack of Karen/Davis in the world, and that is a TRAGEDY. 

Whomp!: Whomp is my favorite webcomic of all time, because it is my life. I am basically a female Ronnie, from the inability to leave my room when strangers are in the house to my incredible appetite for chicken mcnuggets.

Cookie Clicker: Cookie Clicker is all the rage! I'd be really interested in seeing a type of creepypasta with a cookie clicker backstory? Possibly something along the lines of Dogscape (warning: story at link is creepypasta and extremely disturbing)?  Or possibly some over the top sci fi adventure, or speculative fiction about a cookie-powered universe? And how, exactly, are the grandmas involved? 

Arrested Development: Arrested Development is my favorite television show of all time. I'd love pretty much anything you write for it! The new season met all my wildest hopes and dreams. However, the only idea I have for a prompt is based on this post--what if the Bluths truly were a great house in Westeros? How would that have changed the game of thrones? Don't feel pressured to write a crossover, though, I just thought it might be an interesting, and hilarious idea. 

I do also have some likes and dislikes:

Dislikes: Depictions and mentions of self-harm are triggering to me. I also don't care for explicit smut or porn. Horror and violence is okay, as long it avoids these two things. 

Likes: Humor, quick dialogue, over-the-top characters. Creepypasta, psychological horror. Worldbuilding. Most things!  I prefer gen in most cases, but a little shipping here and there (especially in the case of Karen/Davis as mentioned above) can really hit my sweet spot.

I'm not sure if this is a very strong letter this year, but I hope you have found at least a little inspiration. If you want more information, feel free to tumblr or twitter stalk me, or check out my rarely updated AO3 page. Thank you again, dear writer, and I'm sure I will love whatever you write!


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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm pretty easy to please, and I'm sure I'll love anything you write for me. The fandoms I've chosen are in desperate, desperate need of fic, and yours will get the ball rolling. I do have some likes and dislikes, though nothing too restrictive. Let's get the bad out of the way first.

Dislikes: Depictions and mentions of self-harm are triggering to me. I also don't like explicit sex scenes or smut--fade-to-black is fine. Depictions of violence are okay, as long as it doesn't devolve into torture porn.

Likes:  Gen! Fluff! Comedy! I like clever AUs, and witty dialogue. I like meta jokes and dark humor. I like strong characterization. My favorite stories are the kind you don't want to end because you love the characters so much. Don't get me wrong-- I enjoy shorter fics. Don't feel pressured to write a 50k word epic or something, because I adore a 1500 word one shot just as much as any novel length fic.

Onto fandoms. Everything I've chosen this year has a canon that is easy to catch up on. Fallout: Nuka Break is a web series on youtube based on the Fallout video games. Wonderella and Whomp! are both webcomics that have medium length archives and are gut bustingly hilarious. So if you get stuck with writer's block on the fandom we matched on, feel free to catch up on a different fandom instead!

Fallout: Nuka Break: I've been into this series since the first 15 minute fan film dropped. The Fallout games are some of my favorites. I sort of ship Ben/Scar in Nuka Break, which is weird because I'd never thought I'd have any ghoul-related ships. The things I like about Nuka Break are the things I like about Fallout: over the top humor, like the vault experiments. I like the post-apocalyptic atmsophere. For Nuka Break, I especially enjoyed Red's not-so-bright angry gangster chracterization. I like Ben's matter-of-factness, Scar's toughness, and Twig's hopefulness and his fruitless quest for Nuka Cola. This is a fandom I kicked myself for forgetting last year, so I'll be incredibly excited and grateful if you write this for me.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: Wonderella is a Wonder Woman parody that is both sharp and loving to it's source material. I enjoy the suprisingly natural sounding dialogue, I enjoy that nearly all the characters are women (and most are some sort of -ella). I love how Wonderella herself is lazy, a drunk, and has a temper, and somehow always wins. My favorite strip is definitely this one, for all the reasons listed above. Writing me a story in this fandom would be incredibly amazing!

Whomp!: I'm not going to lie to you. While I love and am passionate about the two fandoms listed above, and would gladly accept anything you wrote for them. Whomp! is truly the fandom of my heart. Which is weird, because it's a comic about a loser with crippling social awkwardness. Probably what I like most about Whomp is that it is immensely relatable to me, and at times feels like a documentary of my life. Ronnie's self-loathing, love of chicken nuggets, and struggles with writer's block are so similar to me and everything I like. My favorite strips are Self-Humiliation, The Making of Mediocrity, and Imperfect Strangers.

So there you have it, Author. If you want more information on me and my tastes, feel free to poke around my tumblr. Don't feel pressured, I'm sure anything you write will be spectacular!



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