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 Dear Yuletide Writer.

Let's get down to it:

Likes: Comedy! Dialogue! Shippy-ness is okay, but I really love gen, especially during yuletide. I also like dark!fic, AUs, epistolary fics, and fast paced plots. I like short and long fics equally, so don't worry about having written too much or too little. 

Dislikes: Depictions of self-harm are triggering to me. Please do not include. Also I don't really care for explicit smut or porn. Dark fic including horror and violence is okay, as long as it avoids these things

Now, my requests:

The Blacklist - I binge watched The Blacklist earlier this year, and my two favorite things about it are James Spader's voice and Dembe. What is a day in the life of Dembe like? What are his misadventures as he travels along with Red? What is their backstory? Bonus points if you include Mr. Kaplan.  Another thing I really like in the show is Lizzie's ruthlessness. She's not afraid to stab a guy in the neck or poison some tea to get shit done. This isn't a very common trait for a lot of female characters and I LOVE it. While for yuletide I'm requesting Dembe only, feel free to work in other characters as you see fit.

Whomp! - This might be my third or fourth time asking for this. I've never received it, and I probably never will. But if by some miracle of miracles we matched on this, YOU ARE LITERALLY THE GREATEST ALREADY. I would love some version of the comics absurdity worked into a fanfic-length escapade. Heck, Ronnie's dad is Santa so it's even seasonally appropriate! I pretty much am a female version of Ronnie, right down to the pathological love of chicken nuggets. So anything written for Whomp would be beyond spectacular.

Happy Endings - HAPPY ENDINGS YOU WERE GONE TOO SOON. I loved Happy Endings so much, and am bummed it never got a proper finale. I wonder what an ending to that show would have looked like. I have no preference in regards to Alex/Dave or Penny/Dave, so whichever (or neither) you wanted to include is fine. Mostly, I love Penny and Max's friendship because it mirrors the friendship of me and my IRL best friend. I also love the way the dialogue in this show plays out. The very particular vocal mannerisms and the banter of close, long-term friends is absolutely perfect to me.

So that about sums it up. I am not great at writing long, overly detailed letters and even shittier at coming up with prompts. However, I hope something in here sparked your interest. If you want to know more, feel free to stalk me on twitter or tumblr. I'm ridiculously easy to please, so even if you write something really off the wall I'll still really like it. Have a great yuletide, writer! I look forward to reading whatever you write!

Shaunna :)